Mowling & Dunkley, Allen's Patent Footrot Ointment, Melbourne


Letterhead Mowling Son Footscray Candle Makers
Letterhead Mowling Son Footscray Candle Makers
Allens Patent Footrot Ointment Stoneware Jar Mowling Dunkley
Allens Patent Footrot Ointment Stoneware Jar Mowling Dunkley

The partnership of George Mowling and William James Dunkley appears to have begun in early 1868 and continued until their business was declared insolvent in April 1871. Prior to this Dunkley had been involved in a boot and shoe business with Henry Dunkley while George Mowling had also been in the boot trade and seemingly had begun dabbling in candle-making.

During 1869 Mowling & Dunkley were involved in the attempted creation of the Melbourne Patent Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Company (Limited), but a brief inspection of records suggests this was not a successful venture.

After the insolvency George Mowling returned to candle and soap making and eventually struck major success in the business bearing his own name and later known as G. Mowling & Son. George Mowling died in 1897.

W. J. Dunkley however struggled to get out of insolvency personally, returned to boot making briefly and then ran a hotel before once more falling into insolvency in 1875.

Great advertisements from the Melbourne Argus 11th December 1868 including calls for potters to tender for the making of 2000 earthernware jars for Mowling & Dunkley!.
Display advertisement from 10th July 1868 for Allen’s Patent Footrot Ointment.
Executors auction notice for part of the estate of Mowling & Dunkley including the “Star Stearine Candle Works”. May 1871.

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