John H. Heily, Chemist, Culcairn


John Harrison Heily was registered as a chemist in Victoria on 19th March 1897 (Certificate No. 1193, Final Exam 9th December 1896).

The pharmaceutical register has him listed at Beaufort up to 1901, then Rochester until 1911 before moving to Culcairn in New South Wales from 1912 through 1921. Later advertisements however show that despite being a qualified pharmacist it was veterinary work that most interested Heily. He set up a company (John H. Heily & Co) and based himself in Sydney during the 1920s and 1930s, firstly at Burwood and then at Booth Street, Annandale.

Advertisement: Western Mail (Perth) 10th November 1921.
Advertisement: Sydney Morning Herald 21st July 1923.
Advertisement: Sydney Morning Herald 25th September 1924.
Advertisement: Sydney Morning Herald 27th April 1928.
Advertisement: Sydney Morning Herald 7th August 1929.
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