Lot 86: Dixon Melbourne Rosslyn Street Codd Bottle

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Sold for A$210

P. G. Dixon & Co. / Trade (Demi Lion Rampant) Mark / Registered / Rosslyn Street / Melbourne / Estb 1851. Base: M. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Applied top, tooled finish. Four way pour Dobson style patent with four dimples. Amethyst. 10 oz. 241 mm. 1910s

Very Good. Polished. Couple of tiny nicks to inner lip edge. Some stain to inner rear looks like it should soak out. A bit of outer grime will soak off. A little fine wear to inner chamber. Fisheye to mid rear chamber. Burst bubble to lower right. A few impacts to the base edge and heel, one has a little flake, one has a fisheyes and the other is just a nick. A few tiny nicks to the body. Remains of some fisheyes and scratches. A scuff mark or two to be found. The polish job has removed most burial marks, there are some nibbles to the embossing, heaviest to the upper embossing. Quite a rare bottle in the Dobson patent, they are normally Niagara patents in this style. Grade: 7.4 Estimate: $200 - 300
Dixon Melbourne Rosslyn Street Codd Bottle
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