Lot 74: Morton Queanbeyan O'Sullivan Keystone Codd Bottle

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Sold for A$1,800

G. N. Morton / Registered / Trade Mark / (Portrait of local politician E. W. O'Sullivan) / E W O'S initials / "The Keystone" / Queanbeyan. Smooth base. (New South Wales). Aerated Water Codd Dobson or Four way type. Spun finished top. Aqua. 10 oz. 230 mm. 1910s

Very Good. Polished. Nice cleaned with good strong embossing. A fair bit of wear inside the marble chamber. Scratches inside neck. Has been a little chip to the inner back left lip that has been smoothed over (looks to be about 5 x 2 mm). Remains of some pit marks around. Superb pictorial marble bottle and very unusual honoring a local politician. First example of the Codd we've had through. Grade: 7.1 Estimate: $1500 - 2500
Morton Queanbeyan O'Sullivan Keystone Codd Bottle
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