Lot 50: Headley's Wagga Amethyst Codd Marble Bottle

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Sold for A$670

Headley's Wagga / Trade (Cat's Head) Mark / Regd / Aerated Spring Waters. Smooth base. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Codd Dobson or Four way type. Spun finished top. Sun coloured amethyst. 6 oz. 195 mm. 1910s

Excellent. Polished. Nicely cleaned. Still has some scratches and wear. Embossing is nice and crisp. Wonderful, natural amethyst colour. Little partially burst bubble on the surface of the back shoulder. A beautiful bottle. Grade: 8 Estimate: $300 - 500
Headley's Wagga Amethyst Codd Marble Bottle
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