Lot 31: Hives Dubbo Narromine Codd Marble Bottle

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Sold for A$190

J. Hives & Son / Dubbo / & / Narromine // Cannington Shaw & Co Ld / Makers / St Helens England. Base: 4821. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Codd Codd original or one way pour. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 235 mm. 1890s

Good. Heavily stained. 10 x 3 mm sliver to upper rear lip. 5 x 4 mm chip to front upper body. Two little flakes to left of this near the first N of Narromine. 5 x 3 mm chip near the O of Narromine. Some small flakes and nicks to the body. Couple of shallow flakes around base edge as well. Small open bubble to the embossing. Some pitted scratches. Little fisheyes and impact marks. Some other scuffs and scratches. This is the first large example we have sold. Grade: 6.7 Estimate: $100 - 150
Hives Dubbo Narromine Codd Marble Bottle
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