Lot 25: Cosier Dubbo Antique Codd Marble Bottle

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Sold for A$720

C. Cosier / Dubbo. No base mark. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Codd Codd original or one way pour. Spun finished top. Amethyst. 6 oz. 200 mm. 1910s

Fair. Some dullness and haze, but shiny areas do remain. Crack to front lower body goes down 16 mm, and then under the base a further 15-20 mm - hard to measure due to the base curve. It is a little Y shaped as well with a short leg and a small nibbled bruise at base edge as well amongst this. 11 x 9 mm bruise to right rear base edge. Shallow surface bubble near the upper C. Couple of larger fisheyes and a series of smaller ones and impact marks. A bit of pitted wear to upper body. Scuffs and scratches in places. A bit of inner dirt should soak out. A little high point wear and a couple of small surface flakes to the embossing. A very rare bottle, this is the first we have seen for sale in any auction. Grade: 5.8 Estimate: $100 - 150
Cosier Dubbo Antique Codd Marble Bottle
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