Lot 1: Green Fitzroy Rampany Lion Codd Marble Bottle

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Green & Compy / Mark (Rearing Lion) Trade / Fitzroy. Base Mark: G & Co. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Applied top. Four way pour Dobson style patent with four dimples. Aqua. 10 oz. 235 mm. 1900s

Very Good. Tiny mark to outer right lip is a very small open bubble. Thin streak in front lip is a thin airbubble. Rear chamber has some surface wear and scuffs. Some more to the rear upper body, there is a small spot or two of surface rust amongst these and a very small shallow surface flake or two near the rust. Some fisheyes to this region as well. Mid right rear behind the seam has a pitted area of scratches, these are not deep and only cover about 20 x 10 mm. A little dullness in places, mainly to the rear. Fisheye or two to base edge. Some scuffs and scratches scattered around the body and a few more fisheyes. The front is really good in general, there is a small dull spot near the lion's nose and head, a few scuffs here and there and some fine scratches. Embossing is great, a small impact flake or two, some spots of high point wear and minor scuffs, but very strong and detailed in general. You can clearly see where the mould has been changed, Compy is a new word in this mould, previously this would have been Grove when the short lived partnership of Green & Grove existed. An exceptionally rare and important bottle, there is a lip damaged example known and a couple of repaired examples, not sure of any others at all? Quite possibly the best example known of maybe only two complete examples? Grade: 7.5 Estimate: $4000 - 5000
Green Fitzroy Rampany Lion Codd Marble Bottle
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