Lot 898: Imari Pottery Vase Silver Staples

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Large Multi-coloured Fancy Vase. Red, White & Blue background. Dragons are Green & Pink with a White head. Pottery Japanese Moulded Porcelain Vase. Red, White & Blue with Green & Pink Dragon. Round base, Facetted lower body, hexagonal upper section. 465 mm. 19th Century

Repaired. Looks like it has had two different eras of repair. The lower section has been broken and quite finely glued together with two silver staples under the base and seven on the sides. The staples on the sides have been painted to match the colours beneath them. The upper section however has been broken in two large parts and then much more roughly glued together and back to the base with some filler added mainly inside. There is a small hole from a missing piece in the upper section just above one of the dragons. A chip to the rim. Some small firing cracks and marks to the lower section. A bit of wear plus dirt and grime. Spectacular looking item in an unusual shape with wonderful colours. Looks great as it is but would be well worth getting a better repair to the top part in particular. Pickup of this one would be advised as it is large and fragile! Grade: 0 Estimate: $300 - 500
Imari Pottery Vase Silver Staples
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